Checking out the Site

The next look at safety comes when you arrive at the work site. Say, your work team had a great pre-job brief. Now–take a look at the work site, tools and conditions–is everything as expected? Did that wind storm last night cause any problems? Is there enough safety gear for the team? If there are issues, this is the time to notify your supervisor and get them resolved before you start the job. 

In addition to looking at the specific work for the day, it is important to check out the entire work site. Are other work activities causing dust to come into your work place? Are there trucks or heavy equipment operating close to your activity?  Is it safe to perform the work that your team discussed in the pre-job brief?

As previously discussed, workers should perform, or be part of a team that performs, informal worksite inspections as part of daily work activities. This includes daily worksite walk-throughs by workers and supervisors. Talk with your supervisor at the pre-job about scheduling these informal inspections, perhaps building them into the weekly work schedule.