Who do I contact?

We think it is important to use the chain of command in resolving problems starting with your supervisor and working up. In this way, we can solve issues at the appropriate level in the organization. However, if you feel that a problem cannot be solved by using the usual method, you may elevate it to the level that you feel is appropriate. The people (titles) listed below are best positioned to act on your concerns and answer your questions:

Company specific:

  • Contact your supervisor or manager
  • Contact your Safety and Health Professional
  • Contact your company Employee Concerns Department*
  • Contact your Union Steward or Business Agent

DOE Site specific:

  • Contact your DOE Facility Representative or Worker Safety and Health subject matter expert
  • Contact your DOE Site Employee Concerns Department*

*10 CFR 708, DOE Contractor Employee Protection Plan provides protection and guidance for filing a retaliation complaint.


  • The Office of Worker Safety and Health Policy, HS-11
  • The Office of Worker Safety and Health Enforcement, HS-41

A Note on OSHA:
OSHA Regulations have been adopted by and are enforced by DOE on their sites.  If you make a report to OSHA, they will refer you back to the DOE.  Call the DOE Site contacts listed on the previous slide.